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Quick Guide: discussion threads on database/storage issues

We've culled some of the more interesting posts from our discussion forums on the topics of databases and their underlying storage. Check them out.

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The editors did some of the high-level scanning through our compendium of hundreds of discussion forum posts. What we found were several interesting insights from storage pros and integrators on ways to approach database issues with storage design. There's room for debate in here, too, as some of the site's most frequent (and ardent) forum contributors sharpen their wits with counterparts while sharing their own database storage war stories.

We hope you find this quick guide useful for your own background. If you have other of your own experiences to share on any of these topics, why not throw your virtual hat into the ring and join the discussion? Any of our registered members are free to post to our forums, once they pick their own unique (and anonymous!) "handle."

Read 10 forum posts on database backups and things to watch for with P-i-T copies

Read 5 posts on Oracle and NAS, specifically EMC Clariion, NetApp F880/c and HP7410

Read 11 forum posts on Oracle, databases and the use of block vs. file-based storage systems behind them

Read 6 forum posts on the use of iSCSI or NAS devices for Microsoft Exchange databases (includes details from a former Network Appliance systems engineer)

Read 6 forum posts on the future of e-mail databases on NAS. (Be careful with these since they are from mid-year 2002, and Microsoft's storage support strategy has evolved much since then. Still, there's good, valuable information in here that's worth perusing.)

Read 4 forum posts on database availability, avoiding lazy writes and the merits of synchronous versus asynchronous mirroring

What types of database automation did 75 companies want? Find out from this Discussion Day contributor from Invio, Chris Hyrne. (This post might help you in shopping for storage purchases related to your database needs.)

Read three posts dealing with LUN sizes, multiple file systems and all those database logs and tables

Read a few posts (including those from a Discussion Day poster from Bocada) on ensuring database integrity when backing up or restoring

Read three posts on the use of third mirrors or client-free backups to avoid database downtime during the backup cycle

Read SearchStorage columnist and DR expert Jon Toigo weighing in on prestaging databases at a remote site

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