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Product tip - Increasing disk storage capacity for Solaris-Oracle servers

When configuring Unix file systems for the Oracle DBMS, you should keep in mind that Oracle doesn't create a very large number of data files, but a few very large files instead.

Because of this, it is not necessary to have a great number of bytes per inode (the inode density) for this kind of file system. The default is 2048 bytes per inode. It is very reasonable, for instance, to use 1M Byte (1,048,576 bytes) per inode. This leads to 1788 inodes for a file system of 1.41G Bytes, which is more than sufficient. You can change the inode density parameter using the following command:

# newfs  -i  1048576  'raw-device'

Also, since the Oracle DBMS preallocates disk space, it is not necessary to keep the default 10% of file system free space reservation in order to permit extension of files . It can use a 1% free space reservation, using the following command:

# tunefs -m 1 'filesystem'

About the author: This tip was written by Cesar Joaquim Rodrigues da Silva.

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