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NT Recovery Options

NT Recovery Options

NT has several recovery options that can be set ahead of time to help diagnose and recover from a system failure. These options are set using the Control Panel System applet. To set the options, open up the Control Panel System applet and select the Startup/Shutdown tab. There are several options listed under the recovery section:

Write an event to the system log: This option enters an alert to the machines system log.

Send an administrator alert: This option issues an administrative alert to the users specified in the Alerts portion of the Server Manager Administrative Tool. To set up the alert entries, open the Server Manager and double-click on the server in question.

Write debugging information to: This option enables the memory dump file. Check the Write debugging information to box and specify the name of a file in which to save the dump information. The default is %SYSTEMROOT%MEMORY.DMP.

Automatically reboot: This option causes the system to reboot immediately after a crash without the need for manual intervention. This option can be important if the crash occurs at a time when the server is not being monitored.

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