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Media-independent file retention protects critical data

Media-independent file retention protects critical data

by Linda Christie

Traditional media rotation schemes rotate tapes out of storage when their retention periods expire. For critical files, such rotation could be disastrous because even if the file resides on three tapes (using a GFS rotation: Grandfather, Father, and Son), all tapes will eventually be rotated out and the critical file will be gone.

"The length of time a file is retained in the backup system should be determined by the administrator, not by the constraints of the backup system," said Michael Kramer, VP of marketing and sales for B&L Associates, a 25-year-old provider of enterprise data center solutions. "That's why we designed our BBARS Enterprise Backup, Archive, and Retrieval System with a 'file-based' approach to retention. The administrator determines how long each file will be retained as well as how many versions of each file will be retained in backup. For companies that must store 401K data or other legally required files, this feature is particularly critical."

Additional resources:

  • For more information, read the white paper, "The Need for a Centralized Backup/Restore Process," which is linked to the BBARS(r) Enterprise Backup, Archive, and Retrieval System product description at
  • For a thorough description of scheduling backups and tape rotation methods, see "Tape Backup Strategy" at
  • About the author: Storage management tips are written by Linda Gail Christie, a contributing editor based in Tulsa, Okla.

This was last published in February 2001

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