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Make a clean migration to Windows 2000 storage

Make a clean migration to Windows 2000 storage

Steven Toole

Migrating from NT 4.0 or NetWare? Just like moving into a new house, you don't want to carry all the junk accumulated over the years into your brand new home. Now is the best time to audit the contents of your NT servers before moving all that data over. Use a robust SRM reporting tool that supports both NT and 2000 with Web-based reports to truly and effectively manage the contents. Look for outdated files that haven't been accessed in over a year, orphaned files whose owners no longer work for the company, large files, duplicated files, media files such as MP3 files that clutter drives and suck bandwidth, games, executables and the like. You may even regain 30% to 50% of your NT storage space before making the migration.

You can also put a file screening utility on your 2000 server so that during the file migration, you can kick out any unwanted file types such as MP3s. And, once you're up and running on Win2K, you'll want to keep those servers clean with a comprehensive storage resource management framework that provides storage reporting to the end-user, real-time user and directory quotas, real-time file screening, and storage trending for future capacity planning.

About the author: This tip was submitted and prepared by Steven Toole, vice president of Marketing at WQuinn, a provider of storage management tools for Windows NT/2000. For more information about WQuinn, see the company's Web site at

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