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Learning guide to SAN security

Hackers, snoopers and denial of service attacks are well-known enemies of SAN security. But there are many other threats. Here's a look at other threats and ways to stay secure.

Hackers, snoopers and denial of service attacks are a few of the more well-known enemies of storage security that have made the issue a hot topic for storage pros. But these days, security doesn't stop there and external threats aren't the only cause for concern. In fact, internal threats at your company, like employees that are able to gain access to your company's most sensitive information and tamper with or destroy it, are equally as dangerous as outside forces.

Here's a look at what the real security issues are for your SAN and the best ways to proactively deal with them. In addition, we've collected the top tips and the best expert advice from our site to help you learn more and ensure the security of your SAN.

The threats

As Christopher Poelker explains, when you're considering the security of your SAN, you need to consider all access points to your SAN. Do you have users dialing in to your SAN from remote locations that aren't secure? Do you perform data replication over unsecure IP networks? Put simply, if your IP connection isn't secure, then neither is your SAN or your data. Likewise, security expert Vijay Ahuja explains in his article "Five reasons you should be concerned about SAN security" that you don't need physical access to a SAN to gain access to a network and all of the data that resides on it. Other causes for concern include transporting data from the data center to high speed LANs and keeping the devices within your heterogeneous environment secured to each other.

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