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LSI Storage Systems qualifies VERITAS' Volume Replicator

LSI Storage Systems qualifies VERITAS? Volume Replicator

On June 26, 2001, LSI Storage Systems announced that the VERITAS Volume Replicator had been qualified for its E-Series storage arrays. The VERITAS Volume Replicator is a hardware independent, host-based remote mirroring solution that uses any IP network (LAN or WAN). The Volume Replicator supports all commercial database management systems, scales to support 32 secondary replication links for one-to-many or many-to-one scenarios, allows administration tasks to be performed on-line and can operate in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. (campus and extended distances)

EVG Note: An analysis of the VERITAS Volume Replicator can be found on the ESOL database in the Software Management Section.

Evaluator Group Comments:

The qualification of the Volume Replicator is an excellent move by LSI Storage Systems. It provides a Remote Copy solution to its E-Series storage subsystems previously not available. Although the Volume Replicator is an IP-based solution, it should handle the remote copy requirements for many user applications. The IP-based copy solutions have performance considerations however it has the advantage of being storage hardware independent. The qualification of specific host-based software solutions with a vendor?s hardware is a trend that we believe will continue. We expect several vendors, including LSI Storage Systems, to qualify the VERITAS Vertex Initiative solutions in the near term. We also expect LSI Storage Systems to offer a hardware-based Remote Copy feature to its next generation of arrays to be released in 3rd quarter.

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