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InterSAN announces key alliances

InterSAN announces key alliances

InterSAN announced key alliances with three significant storage vendors: EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and LSI Logic Storage Systems. InterSAN is a new company developing SAN management software that works across geographically dispersed SANs.

Announcement highlights

The announcement by InterSAN of the key alliances with some major storage vendors is a key step in the company strategy to provide SAN management. The InterSAN product uses what it calls Virtual Private DataPath technology to provide automated storage provisioning and service level management for global storage networking environments. The uniqueness of the InterSAN approach is the up-front recognition of the economic value in managing multiple SANs in different locations. The automated storage provisioning is an implementation of policy-based management for heterogeneous storage systems. Service level management requires complete knowledge and control over the topology and elements in a SAN. These announcements are key enablers for InterSAN to provide the level of control necessary for customers to realize the benefits of provisioning and service level management.

The key alliances between InterSAN and EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and LSI Logic Storage Systems give InterSAN the management interfaces or APIs for the storage systems. This is crucial for InterSAN (or anyone else that in this product space) to be able to control the management of the storage systems, which is necessary for policy management in storage provisioning, and service level management. With these alliances in hand, InterSAN can begin delivering the degree of control and management promised, at least for those storage vendor subsystems.

Evaluator Group comments

The key alliances with these major storage vendors enable InterSAN to continue their development and delivery of their SAN management solution. The uniqueness of InterSAN is their recognition early on of the need to manage geographically dispersed SANs. The APIs for managing storage are a necessary component for providing the level of management needed by customers to automate a great deal of storage management and realize significant economic gains. These alliances are a significant step for a new company. It should be expected that InterSAN would add additional storage vendors to their alliances list. Corresponding, other management software vendors can be expected to follow their lead in securing these alliances as well.

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