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IBM upgrades its SAN Fibre Channel Managed Hub

IBM upgrades its SAN Fibre Channel Managed Hub

On June 12, 2001, IBM announced a fabric upgrade feature for its entry-level Fibre Channel Managed Hub. The IBM SAN Fibre Channel Managed Hub can now be upgraded to switched fabric capabilities via the Entry Switch Activation Feature. The Entry Switch Activation Feature (#19P3126) supplies the key necessary to convert the FC-AL Managed Hub to fabric capability with eight fabric F Ports, one of which can be an interswitch link (E Port).

Pricing and availability

Feature Description Purchase Price $
IBM SAN Fibre Channel Managed Hub - Entry switch activation $3,441

The planned availability date for the activation feature is June 22, 2001.

Evaluator Group Comments:

The Fibre Channel managed Hub is an OEM product from Brocade Communications (loop Switch). The fabric capability has been available but was not initially offered by IBM.

The complete product specifications for the Brocade Switch family is available on the ESOL database under SAN Components at

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