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IBM introduces new NAS products

IBM introduces new NAS products

This document provides an overview of the IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage announcements made on June...

12, 2001. IBM announced two models of the 200 series NAS appliance, a 300 model NAS appliance and clustering feature support for the previously announced 300G NAS Gateway. These products represent an expansion of the NAS offerings from IBM with multiple products to cover the departmental and workgroup market segments. The NAS 300G allows remote file serving with usage of storage on a Storage Area Network and now has the high availability clustering capability required in some environments. IBM is a major supplier of servers, software, and storage devices for multiple markets.

Announcement highlights

On June 12, 2001 IBM announced new Network Attached Storage devices called the TotalStorage NAS 200 and 300 and a clustering feature upgrade for the 300G product. The 200 series is actually two products: a tower unit and a rack mount version. The 300 represents a higher performance product in the NAS family. All NAS products use the task optimized Windows operating system. The task optimized Windows operating systems is called an embedded appliance operating system by Microsoft and is based on Windows 2000. Some of the common features of the IBM TotalStorage NAS products are:


  • Persistent Storage Manager to provide snapshot and snap restore
  • Remote support in the form of advanced systems management and LightPath Diagnostics
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Support for CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, and NetWare
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT and/or Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Support from IBM Global Services

The Network Attached Storage 200 has two models with availability June 29, 2001:



  • single processor configuration - 800 MHz Pentium III
  • priced at $14k list for entry model
  • scales from 108GB to 216GB
  • one year warranty
  • internal SCSI or external SCSI tape backup
  • targeted at workgroup and branch office environments



  • dual processor configuration - 800 MHz Pentium III
  • priced at $36,000 list for entry model
  • one year warranty
  • external SCSI tape backup
  • scales from 216GB to 1.74TB
  • targeted at departmental environments

The Network Attached Storage 300 is available July 13, 2001:



  • dual node configuration will failover features ( dual processors per each node - 933 MHz Pentium III)
  • priced at $115K list for entry model
  • scales from 316GB to 3.24TB
  • one year warranty
  • fibre channel storage attachment
  • external SCSI tape backup
  • targeted at large departmental environments

The Network Attached Storage 300G now has a Clustering Feature support with availability July 13, 2001:

300G Clustering Feature


  • field upgrade for existing 300G NAS devices from two single engines to a clustered, dual engine configuration
  • priced at $2.5k list for upgrade
  • includes update to task optimized Windows Powered OS
  • second engine is extra charge

Figure 1 is a comparison chart of the newly announced NAS products from IBM.

  200 Tower 200 Rack 300 Series
Scalability 108GB to 216GB 216GB to 1.74TB 360GB to 3.24TB
Engines/Nodes 1 1 2
Processors 1 2 2/Node
Disk Attachment SCSI SCSI Fibre Channel
Snapshot 250 Persistent 250 Persistent 250 Persistent
Redundancy Hot Swap Disk, Hot Spare, Redundant Power Hot Swap Disk, Hot Spare, Redundant Power Hot Swap Disk, Hot Spare, Redundant Power
Backup Internal/External Tape External Tape External Tape
RAID Support 0, 1, 5 0, 1, 5 0, 1, 5
System Management Netfinity Director TSM Client, VERITAS Netfinity Director TSM Client, VERITAS Netfinity Director TSM Client, VERITAS
Performance Target 28 MB/s CIFS, 3000 ops NFS 40 MB/s CIFS, 3000 ops NFS 78 MB/s CIFS, 3000 ops NFS


Figure 1: Comparison Chart for NAS

Evaluator Group Comments:

The NAS from IBM cover the traditional areas that NAS has been applied - the departmental and workgroup environments. These products are priced incredible low and should allow IBM salesmen and their business partners to be very competitive in the market. Choosing the specialized Windows OS is also a very wise move as the operating system has been fine-tuned to operate as an appliance and has the support for "hard locks" that is becoming a significant security advantage. These products will replace the previous Xseries 150 product. The Evaluator Group believes that these products, including the clustering feature for the 300G, will make IBM a formidable competitor in the traditional NAS markets.

To view another analysis and commentary in this month's review series from the Evaluator Group, go to http://www.searchStorage.com/tip/1,289483,sid5_gci754321,00.html

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This was last published in July 2001

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