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IBM introduces its TotalStorage SAN Controller 160

IBM introduces its TotalStorage SAN Controller 160

IBM and Vicom announced an OEM agreement where IBM will resell the VICOM Fibre Channel/SSA Router. The IBM product is called the TotalStorage SAN Controller 160. Concurrent with the TotalStorage SAN Controller 160 introduction, IBM announced that it has withdrawn from marketing its Vicom Fibre Channel SLIC Router 7139-111. It is replaced by the San Controller 160 (7140-160).

TotalStorage SAN Controller 160 overview

The TotalStorage SAN Controller 160 is a connectivity product (bridge) that enables Fibre Channel servers to connect to IBM's Serial Storage Architecture (SSA). THE SAN Controller 160 attaches with a single Gigabit Interface Converter (either short-wave or long-wave). An optional GBIC can be configured to extend the Fibre Channel loop to other equipment. The Fibre Channel host adapter views the SAN Controller 160 as a single FC-AL target. The SAN Controller is configured via a web-based GUI and supports RAID-1 data replication and Instant Copy for SSA loop availability.

Availability and pricing

The SAN Controller 160 was available on September 7, 2001.

Description Machine Purchase Price Annual MMC
IBM TotalStorage SAN Controller 160 7140-160 $8,910 $76
Rack Mount Enclosure - $700 -
Short-Wave GBIC - $485 -
Long-Wave GBIC - $1,100 -

Evaluator Group comments

A major part of the IBM SAN strategy has been investment protection for its SSA (7133) customers. The current base of SSA units exceeds 120,000 units (12 petabytes). The SAN Controller 160 is an advanced function bridge that will allow 7133 storage to participate in a Fibre Channel SAN. This should be attractive for users that have large storage pools of SSA disks. However long term, we expect IBM to endorse FC-AL as its preferred disk interconnect. There will be no new introductions of SSA disk dives.

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