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Hitachi launches professional services and renames software suites

Hitachi launches professional services and renames software suites

On June 19, 2001, Hitachi Data Systems announced that it had launched professional services to manage large-scale data-protection services. This portfolio of services includes consulting and implementation services for the set up of remote copy and point-in-time copy functions for business continuity, disaster recovery, application testing and data mining applications.

It also announced the renaming of several of the software suite of options for the Lightning 9900 family. The names of the software suites, old and new, are listed below. The new names and acronyms are highlighted in bold text. The old names will still apply for the 7700E.

Old Software Suite New Software Suite (9900 only)
Name Acronym Name Acronym
Dynamic Optimizer - Hitachi Cruise Control HCC
Hitachi Extended Remote Copy HXRC Hitachi Extended Remote Copy - This suite includes the synchronous version of remote copy HXRC
Hitachi Multi-Platform Backup/Restore HMBR Hitachi Multi-Platform Backup/Restore - This suite includes the File Access Libraries (FALs) for AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows NT HMBR
Hitachi Multi-Platform Data Exchange HMDE Hitachi RapidXchange HRX
Hitachi Path Manager HPM Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager - This suite includes support for AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows DLM
LUN Security/Zone Allocation Manager - Hitachi SANtinel - This suite includes support for open systems and S/390 HSAN
Prioritized Port Control PPC Now bundled with Resource Manager -
Remote Copy - Hitachi TrueCopy - This suite includes the various asynchronous versions of remote copy: HRC for S/390 and HORC for open systems, and HARC for S/390 and HARCO for open systems. NanoCopy is not included and must be purchased separately. TC
Resource Manager - Hitachi Resource Manager - This suite includes FlashAccess for open systems and FlashAccess S390, Graph-Track, LUN Expansion, LUN Manager, Prioritized Port Control, SNMP Agent, Virtual Logical Unit and Virtual Logical Volume Image RM
ShadowImage - Hitachi ShadowImage - This suite includes ShadowImage for open systems and ShadowImage - S/390 SI

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