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HP gets GUI

HP's SureStore E Command View XP software lets you manage existing components in a single console via visual file folders.

by Linda Gail Christie

HP SureStore E Command View XP software integrates all of the company's existing management software pieces into a single console that can be managed by using visual file folders rather than Windows-based icons. According to the company, this single console approach allows users to use configuration maps, graphics, and folders to monitor the health and status of their storage systems, while color-coded traffic lights issue alerts on problems all the way down to the physical components.

"Storage is growing so quickly, administrators must have a single view interface to see the total environment without having to read the manual," said Joann Starke, product manager of the Manageability Software Portfolio for Hewlett Packard.

"Now, if you want to look at your entire environment, you integrate SureStore E Command View XP into OpenView or CA to drill down into the storage," she says.

Starke says SureStore E Command View XP speeds up the troubleshooting, "If you click on an alarm notice, it will tell you what's going wrong with the XP so you can fix it faster. And with Apache Web Server, you can do it from home at two in the morning."

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