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HDS 9500 V, rich in software features

HDS 9500 V, rich in software features


Under the framework of its TrueNorth Storage Strategy, Hitachi Data Systems announced the 9500 V series storage subsystems on December 12, 2002. The 9500 V series is available in four models ranging from entry-level, stand-alone models to the rack-mount Enterprise 9570V model.

Thunder 9570V rack-mount -- The Enterprise 9570V is a high-performance, fully redundant subsystem targeted for heterogeneous SAN and open-systems single or partitioned servers. It is a modular, Fibre-to-Fibre (2Gbps) RAID array offering improved performance and capacity with new packaging featuring greater drive density. The 9570V features four host interfaces, dual FC-AL device loops and supports up to 224 low-profile disk drives. The maximum capacity is 32TB (146Gb disk drives)

Thunder 9531V, Thunder 9532V, Thunder 9533V deskside -- The Thunder deskside models are targeted for entry-level to mid-tier direct attach or SAN configurations. These models are full Fibre-to-Fibre solutions ranging in capacity from 360GB to 1TB and can be configured as fully redundant subsystems. HDS stated these models could be upgraded to the Thunder 9570V model.

The Thunder 9500V series are 2G-bit Fibre Channel RAID arrays offering improved performance and greater capacity compared to the predecessor, the HDS 9200 series. The 9500 V series are the latest multi-platform distributed arrays designed and manufactured by Hitachi Limited and sold and supported by Hitachi Data Systems and its third-party distribution partners. The Model 9570V is a high-performance subsystem targeted at high-performance computing, transaction-heavy, throughput intensive applications and applications requiring replication services (e.g. PIT copy and remote copy). The subsystems have retained the RAS characteristics of the Hitachi 9200 that include dynamic FRU replacement, dynamic microcode upgrades and remote maintenance with call-home capabilities. The 9500 V series offer a rich set of subsystem software function, integrated into Hitachi's HiCommand management framework that include a PIT copy (ShadowImage), remote copy (TrueCopy) and SAN security (SANtinel). Other subsystem software includes path failover and load balancing (Dynamic Link Manager), FlashAccess (enables designation of cache resident LUNs) and the Hitachi Resource Manager.

The 9500 V series is based on Hitachi's new Hi-PER architecture The Hi-PER architecture features a new storage controller based on a new Hitachi designed RISC processor. HDS stated the performance of the 9500 V series is twice that of the 9200 at 720 MB/second and 37,000 IOPs.

The major competitors to the 9570V subsystem are the server vendor storage offerings: Sun T3 arrays, IBM FAStT700 and FAStT900 arrays, Hewlett-Packard enterprise virtual array subsystems and the Clariion CX600 offered by Dell Computers. Additionally, offerings from the independent storage suppliers: EMC/Clariion CX600, the LSI 5600 offered by LSI and Storage Technology, among several others. The 9500V series, together with the HiCommand software suite, will also compete against the cache-centric offerings from IBM (ESS), EMC (Symmetrix) and Hewlett-Packard (XP series) primarily in SAN storage consolidations configurations.

Evaluator Group comments:

The 9500 V series is an excellent addition to the Hitachi family of subsystems. The 9570 adds support for 224 disk drives, which improves significantly over the 9200 subsystem (100 drives max). The 9500 V has a rich set of software features and shares common APIs, common Utilities and a common management console with the HDS 9900 V.

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