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Guide to implementing iSCSI

If you are thinking about implementing iSCSI take a look at our updated guide to iSCSI implementation. Included here: tips and advice on how and were iSCSI can save you money.

ISCSI has been hailed as a cheap alternative to Fibre Channel and an effective way to use existing infrastructure...

We tapped our own experts as well as other industry experts to put together this guide for you. A few of the topics covered are the cost of integrating and implementing iSCSI, how the technology works, TCP offload engines (TOE) and a peak into how and why some managers are going with iSCSI or IP storage-based implementations to save big bucks. contributor Simon Gordon answers all of the questions you may have if you are unfamiliar with iSCSI. ISCSI networking companies are now offering HBAs with built-in TCP Offload Engines (TOE) to take the load off the system. Get the lowdown on these new cards and learn about some of the caveats associated with them. Christopher Poelker helps clarify how performance of iSCSI fares against performance of Fibre Channel. According to analysts, the June release of Microsoft's iSCSI driver will "open up the storage market." It's clear when Microsoft throws some weight behind a technology, the results could potentially be tremendous. Does this spell the end for Fibre Channel? Read some of the early implications of iSCSI here. If you can hold off your HBA purchases, you'll be well served. Analysts say the price of FC HBAs should be slashed in half in the next 18 months. Another factor -- the emergence of iSCSI will put more pressure on the HBA. What is the future of HBAs especially when the big boys of storage deliver native iSCSI storage? Find out here. Looking for a low-cost solution for connecting servers to disk over IP networks? Storage networking expert Chris Poelker explains that a great way to reduce backup time and speed up restore time is to use an iSCSI storage area network (SAN) for disk-to-disk backup. Is iSCSI really the most cost effective protocol, or does it end up being as expensive as Fibre Channel in the long run? One company says that iSCSI costs could run high, but the firm has developed an integrated iSCSI controller and a family of iSCSI host bus adapters (HBAs) that cost less right from the start. Whether you're using iSCSI or iFCP technology, there are two important factors to keep in mind when evaluating storage security. Expert Vijay Ahuja discusses those two factors and provides four tips to help you create the best security design for your network. Join and IP storage author Gary Orenstein (IP Storage Networking: Straight to the core") for a webcast on "Building economical storage utilities with IP". This webcast will shed light on the benefits of IP storage and how you should think about deploying it in your organization. Is your shop thinking of going the tape route for data backup? Well, before you make a move, backup expert Curtis Preston says take a look a disks first. He's been "tape" burned too many times and believes disk-based backup is the way to go, all the way. For a couple of non-profit hospitals, IP storage has been no placebo. Both Denver Health Hospital and Medical Center and the Cancer Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio, Texas have turned to IP storage to treat their real storage ills. Here is a look at what Denver Health is doing. Next week: We look to Texas.
This was last published in February 2004

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