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Good stuff, cheap

Looking for neutral, non-vendor-specific storage info? The SNIA can help.

Good stuff, cheap
By Alan Earls

Free is a nice word -- especially when what's free is actually useful.

The Storage Networking Industry Associatio(SNIA) is offering a free mini-CD containing the SNIA shared storage model white paper and the Dictionary of Storage and Storage Networking Terminology. The dictionary is already available online at the SNIA site, but the CD version might be more convenient because there is no URL available to directly access the dictionary, and it takes some thoughtful clicking to find it.

Max Shu, marketing manager for SNIA, says the dictionary was a product of the organization's education committee and is intended to help everyone in the industry work from and understand a common nomenclature. Just as important from the SNIA's perspective, Shu says the shared storage model white paper is intended to help move the whole industry toward a more unified vision. The document is a generic model that is vendor-neutral and is aimed at the needs of vendors, consultants, and end users.

"Our goal is to have companies talk about it and use it as a guideline for the future," she says.

Taken together, Shu says the dictionary and white paper are an important outreach tool. To date, more than 3,000 of the CDs have been distributed directly by SNIA and through members at trade shows. If demand continues, an additional pressing will be scheduled, she says.

To receive the SNIA CD, send an email to Shu at

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About the author: Alan Earls is a freelance writer in Franklin, MA.

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