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Get training on storage and SANs without leaving your desk

Get training on storage and SANs without leaving your desk

By Alan Earls

The trouble with training, most would agree, is that it involves too much time away from the office and (often) travel as well. All things considered, even if you (or a subordinate) need training, it's still hard to justify. Fortunately, there are now some options available via the Web or locally through a PC. Most of today's storage industry players now offer some form of online storage area network training.

For instance, "Network Storage Fundamentals," available through Hewlett Packard combines basic network storage knowledge with interactive instruction and practice exercises. Topics include: Storage Hardware; Connecting Storage Devices in Peer-to-Peer and Client/Server Networks; Network Storage Technologies; Data Security and Availability; and Network Storage in Apple, Novell and UNIX Environments. It also includes a brief introduction to SAN and NAS.

EMC is another vendor offering computer-based or web-based training. For instance, they now list courses such as, "Symmetrix Architectural Overview" or "PowerPath Computer-Based Training" on their Web site. IBM, too, offers a range of non-classroom training related broadly to storage topics.

Also upcoming on the Web is "SAN Fundamentals" from Veritas Software. The course only requires two to four hours to complete and will be aimed at systems administrators, chief information officers, and those interested in understanding the basics of SAN. The training is intended to cover the basic concepts of Storage Area Networks. An exact date for availability has not been set by Veritas but the company also offers several other online training courses, most of which relate to Veritas products.

Beyond the formalized online training courses, you can also see a new breed of educational "webinars" or "webcasts" cropping up over the Internet on specific storage topics. These are either sponsored by a storage vendor, or might be put on by a third-party storage or networking online publication, such as the upcoming "The Networked World" program scheduled to air October 6, 2000, through

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About the author: Alan Earls is a freelance writer in Franklin, Mass.

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