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FC-AL switches for SANs

Although switches are normally associated with more costly Fibre Channel fabric configurations, several manufacturers now offer switches for use in Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) SANs. These are true switches that use the more familiar FC-AL protocol but offer more capability than the hubs or concentrators sometimes used in FC-AL networks.

An FC-AL switch is an intermediate solution, offering more flexibility than a simple FC-AL loop or an FC-AL with a hub or concentrator, but not as fast or as flexible as a Fabric Switch. Upgrading from a SAN with an FC-AL switch to a Fabric SAN is still a complicated procedure that will often involve either replacing or significantly upgrading the FC-AL switches. That said, makers of FC-AL switches claim they can offer some of the benefits of a Fibre Channel Fabric at a much lower cost. The advantages include the ability to zone a SAN into two or more subnetworks, and the ability to make more than one connection concurrently.

Among the companies offering FC-AL SAN switches, Gadzoox is promoting its products the most aggressively. Switches are also available from Brocade in its Silkworm series and from Compaq.

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