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Expert advice: Tier 0 storage

This collection of recent expert advice offers info about "Tier 0" storage, aka using flash as the top tier of a tiered storage system.

There are a number of ways you can deploy solid-state in your environment. One common approach is to deploy it as a high performance tier in a tiered storage system. Tiered storage involves assigning data to different types of storage media based on the type of data and its frequency of use. Since this is an ongoing and complicated process, it is typically best left to "auto-tiering" software.

Because solid-state storage offers considerably better performance than traditional disk, it is ideal to serve as the top tier in a tiered storage system. Some people refer to this as "Tier 0" because it offers better performance than the top tier in system employing traditional disk drives.

This collection of expert advice is a great place to learn more about adding solid-state as part of a tiered storage system.

How NVMe is democratizing Tier 0

Startups launching Tier 0 storage systems based on NVMe will need to add data services to hold off established all-flash players with NVMe on their roadmaps.

Adding flash to arrays for improved Tier 0 performance

Find out whether adding flash to an existing array will result in a high-performance Tier 0.

Adding SSD to a tiered storage system

Find out whether you need to invest in new management software when adding SSD to a tiered storage system in this Expert Answer.

Understanding data movement in Tier 0 storage

Knowing how SSD tiering software works can help you match data access characteristics of applications.

Sub-volume automated tiering does trigger added work

The performance overhead of sub-volume automated tiering on SSDs is detailed in this Expert Answer.

Choose a true page size for sub-LUN automated tiering

Sub-LUN automated tiering can maximize SSD effectiveness. Learn the importance of choosing the right page size for sub-LUN automated tiering in this Tip.

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