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ESG compliance report excerpt, Part 8: Compliance in the government industry

Analysts at the Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group discuss the importance of the latest records retention/compliance legislation and its impact on the storage industry.

Compliance: The effect on information management and the storage industry
Published: May 2003
By Peter A. Gerr, Brian Babineau and Patrick C. Gordon, The Enterprise Storage Group

Table of Contents

Main research themes
Research scope and highlights
Compliance in the financial services industry
Compliance in the life sciences industry
Compliance in the healthcare industry
Compliance in the government industry

Compliance in the government industry
(Department of Defense 5015.2-Standard)

The 5015.2-STD is the result of a military directive from the Secretary of Defense to certify records management products for use by the Department of Defense (DOD).

The DOD is composed of several disparate agencies, including the armed forces. One can imagine the type of records that need to be managed. The DOD wrote the DOD 5015.2-STD and corresponding testing requirements to ensure a level of technology standardization and to mitigate risk of disparate technologies that have no minimum level of requirements.

DOD agencies can choose to implement any application or solution on the certification list, knowing there is a level of record management competency that has already been met.

The DOD and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recognize the impact of storage and the functionality of storage and archiving-related technologies. 5015.2-STD has, at the very least, provided baseline functional requirements that all federal agencies and IT shops should be wary of.

When considering RMAs, DOD agencies and, potentially all Federal agencies will simply go to the 5015.2-STD Product Register for a menu of options. These choices may expand to include storage related technology in the near future, thanks in large part to the open-mindedness of the DOD and JITC.

(Chart 29 illustrates the forces that impact the Department of Defense and, to a lesser extent, the government sector.)

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The above information was excerpted by permission from the Enterprise Storage Group executive summary to the research report, "Compliance: The effect on information management and the storage industry," published in May 2003. To learn more about the full report, contact the Enterprise Storage Group.

Copyright 2003, Enterprise Storage Group

Peter Gerr is a senior research analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group. He will be speaking about the IT impact on compliance legislation at Storage Decisions 2003.

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