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ESG compliance report excerpt, Part 7: Compliance in the healthcare industry

Analysts at the Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group discuss the importance of the latest records retention/compliance legislation and its impact on the storage industry.

Compliance: The effect on information management and the storage industry
Published: May 2003
By Peter A. Gerr, Brian Babineau and Patrick C. Gordon, The Enterprise Storage Group

Table of Contents

Main research themes
Research scope and highlights
Compliance in the financial services industry
Compliance in the life sciences industry
Compliance in the healthcare industry
Compliance in the government industry


Compliance in the healthcare industry

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. There are two titles of this Congressional Act.

Title I protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. Most of us now are familiar with Title I through COBRA if we have changed jobs or when we enter a health plan with a pre-existing condition. There are absolutely no technology or storage implications specified or discussed within this Title of HIPAA.

Title II of HIPAA is creating the "buzz" in the healthcare industry. This title is also known as The Administrative Simplification provisions of HIPAA.

Clearly, HIPAA will impact the storage industry. The Security Rule will drive compliant infrastructures that will undoubtedly include storage technology used to enable the protection, availability, and accessibility of information. The storage industry, through advancements in archiving, encryption, and data access technologies, should be able ease the pain of compliance related to Security Rule implementations.

(See chart 25 for the key market drivers and storage requirements impacting the healthcare industry.)

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The above information was excerpted by permission from the Enterprise Storage Group executive summary to the research report, "Compliance: The effect on information management and the storage industry," published in May 2003. To learn more about the full report, contact the Enterprise Storage Group.

Copyright 2003, Enterprise Storage Group

Peter Gerr is a senior research analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group. He will be speaking about the IT impact on compliance legislation at Storage Decisions 2003.

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