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EMC's storage management enhancements address major user issues

EMC's storage management enhancements address major user issues

EMC Automated Resource Manager (ARM)
The announcement of the EMC Automated Resource Manager (ARM) was one of the most significant items in this announcement. ARM addresses the issues of time and errors that are historically associated with manual storage provisioning by providing policy-driven automation for the storage provisioning process. EMC states that ARM provides an end-to-end process of adding and reallocating resources from the storage array through the SAN to the host. The initial version is scheduled for general availability within sixty days and will support Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows environments. It will support the EMC Symmetrix, CLARiiON and HP StorageWorks arrays. EMC stated that additional third-party support is in development.

ARM will allow users to provision storage via user-set policies in order to support specific business needs. Policy options can be set for type of storage, RAID level, replication parameters or number of paths between server and storage. It also provides for the provisioning and management of heterogeneous storage pools based on geography, application and functional organization.

SAN Manager
EMC announced the renaming of its ESN Manager to EMC SAN Manager (formerly ESN Manager) with general availability within sixty days. Enhancements will include integration with the ControlCenter central repository and support for active management of HP StorageWorks arrays. This is addition to the EMC Symmetrix and Clariion arrays that were previously supported. Central management capabilities are also provided for Brocade, EMC Connectrix, McDATA, and QLogic network components. The SAN Manager also supports zoning, discovery and reporting for HDS, HP and Sun arrays.

EMC StorageScope enhancements
StorageScope provides historical reporting for multivendor storage assets. The announced enhancements include support for HDS, HP, Sun and IBM systems as well as JBOD, internal server storage and storage network devices. This new version of StorageScope also interfaces with the common ControlCenter repository.

EMC stated that this new version of StorageScope will be available within sixty days and will support the following.

Arrays: EMC Symmetrix, Clariion, Hitachi, IBM ESS, JBOD
Hosts: Windows, UNIX, mainframe
Fibre Channel switches: Brocade, EMC Connectrix, McDATA, QLogic
NAS devices: EMC Celerra, Network Appliance
Databases: Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, UDB

EMC Common Array Manager enhancements
EMC Common Array Manager enables users to automatically discover multi-vendor storage arrays and to monitor the status of the array, its disks and other subcomponents. The new version, scheduled for general availability within sixty days, will support the Network Appliance F700 and F800 filers and related components via the Windows NetApp agent. This is in addition to the previously available support for storage from HP, HDS, IBM, Sun and StorageTek.

EMC Replication Manager enhancements
EMC states that its Replication Manager is designed to automate ever procedure related to data replication (remote copy and point-in-time copy). It previously included support for the Symmetrix system and Oracle applications. The new version, scheduled for general availability within sixty days, will include replication support for Clariion and HP StorageWorks arrays as well as support for SQL Server 2000, Exchange 2000, and UDB applications.

EMC Data Manager (EDM) enhancements
The enhanced version of the EMC Data Manager (EDM), available immediately, includes support for multiple EDM systems. It also includes an automated event management engine for detecting and solving backup-related problems.

EMCLink remote application monitoring
EMCLink is a suite of subscription-based service offerings. EMC states that it provides knowledge based application-to-storage monitoring to simplify problem identification and analysis. Supported databases include Oracle and SQL Server. Supported applications include SAP R/3 and Microsoft Exchange. Supported operating systems include Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Linux.

The EMCLink Collector collects data and forwards it to the EMCLink Intelligence Center. Daily reports or HotLists, are generated automatically and subscribers receive daily alerts of conditions according to severity, along with instructions for correcting and preventing problems.

Evaluator Group comments:

With this announcement EMC has demonstrated its commitment to its AutoIS strategy, and has significantly strengthened its ControlCenter family of integrated storage management products. Although this announcement contained many items, there are three items that Evaluator Group believes to be the most significant. The first is the fact that EMC presented a roadmap with the initial AutoIS strategy announcement and has met its delivery schedule. The second item is the breadth of function and the integration of all of the ControlCenter software options into a single data repository. The third item is the Automated Resource Management (ARM) component. It addresses the major issues that users face today with storage provisioning. They are the time required to deal with the complexity of provisioning storage in today's complicated environments, and the high potential for errors that exist with manual processes. Evaluator Group believes that with these announcements, EMC must be viewed as one of the leaders in providing a heterogeneous storage management solution.

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