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Don't put your books in storage, put some storage in your books!

By Alan Earls

Summer vacation is a great time to kick back and take it easy. But some of those leisure hours can be spent reading up on topics that will keep you in the driver's seat once you're back at the job. Here are three books to get you started:

Broadband Access Technologies

This book offers a relatively recent and robust treatment of a Web site's needs for reliable, high-speed access. It discusses how these needs can, and should, be addressed by any related Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Storage Service Provider (SSP). Regardless of which side of the fence you are on (Webmaster, Web planning strategist, or ISP/SSP vendor), you'll find this book contains useful information about the advantages/disadvantages of the four basic technologies currently available from today's service providers.

Authors: Albert Azzam, Niel Ransom; Publisher: McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0071350608.

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Fibre Channel: Gigabit Communications and I/O for Computer Networks

This reference presents an overview of the Fibre Channel architecture. The book takes a step-by-step approach and offers guidance on the Fibre Channel standard ranging from the physical level signal transmission, to the interface, up to upper level protocols, such as IP and SCSI. Included is information on the structure, concepts, operations, and capabilities of Fibre Channel, as well as detailed descriptions to guide you in building and troubleshooting FC systems.

Author: Alan F. Benner; Publisher: McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0070056692

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Network Administrator's Survival Guide

This is one of many good references on the subject of network administration. It is a thorough desk reference providing hands-on information related to implementation, management, and operation of today's various networks. Topics covered include: operating systems, virtual private networks, various network shapes (topologies), Internet Protocols, security, and more. It covers mostly Novell and NT systems, and comes with a CD-ROM where you can search for answers to specific network problems.

Author: Kevin L. Mossl; Publisher: McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0079137865

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Earls is a freelance writer in Franklin, Mass.

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