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Does your SSP offer SSM?

By Linda Gail Christie

Okay, you've negotiated a high performance SLA with your SSP and agreed to pay a premium price. But, how do you know if your SSP is delivering what they promised? How can you be sure that your servers were successfully backed up last night? And, how can you verify the correct chargeback for departments in your organization?

"Without a storage service management (SSM) application, you don't know how your SSP is performing," said Chuck Eberl, senior service marketing manager for StorageNetworks, a leading storage service provider. "That's why we developed Virtual Storage Portal (VSP) software, a web-based application that lets our customers easily and securely monitor and manage their storage resources at StorageNetworks Storage Point-of-Presence data centers."

At a minimum, a service management application should give you a window into your SSP's operations so you can measure their performance, review current and historical information, and interactively request changes and upgrades to your service.

Eberl says, "Later this year we plan to increase the functionality of VSP by integrating all help desk tickets and billing information, as well as giving users more command and control functions so they can initiate a backup, kill a job, or restore data from any remote location via the Web. VSP simplifies the complexity of integrating, monitoring, and managing a best-of-breed storage solution."

Storage management tips are written by Linda Gail Christie, a contributing editor based in Tulsa, Okla.

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