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Data storage best practices: Top five storage management answers

We've collected our top five Ask the Expert answers of 2010 to help you learn about data storage best practices for data storage management.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have a smaller staff and less resources than a larger enterprise, storage management can be a challenge.

We've collected our top five Ask the Expert answers of 2010 to help you learn about the most important data storage best practices for your organization. Read about storage management tools and technologies such as multiprotocol or unified storage, data migration, centralized data storage and cloud storage.

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How can multiprotocol storage arrays benefit SMBs?
Multiprotocol arrays are good for choice for SMBs because of their flexibility. They can support mixed modes of access or operations for either storage area network (SAN) blocks or network-attached storage (NAS) files without having to have a third-party gateway, bridge or router. Find out more about how multiprotocol storage arrays can benefit SMBs in this expert response.


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What are some good data migration strategies for SMBs?
SMBs should follow a few basic data migration strategies to ensure their data is safe. First, make sure there are exact copies of your data. Second, de-stage all data to disk before migration. And third, make sure your data goes through a verification or validation step. Read more about these key data migration strategies for small businesses.


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How does unified data storage apply to SMBs?
Unified data storage, or multiprotocol storage, can easily adapt to the needs of small businesses. This expert response explains when it's a good idea to use unified data storage and what you should look for in a multiprotocol storage system. Read the full response on unified data storage.


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What type of centralized data storage should I use for 1.5 TB of data across multiple locations?
There are several variables that go into determining what type of centralized data storage to use for 1.5 TB in multiple locations, including budget size, what your future looks like, types of management tools you have and more. A NAS product might be the best option in this particular scenario. Read more about centralized data storage in this expert response.


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Is it possible to use a cloud storage service for primary storage?
Cloud storage services are good choices for data backup and data storage that isn't performance-critical, but it might not be the best choice for your primary storage. Find out why using a cloud storage service for your primary storage might not be the best idea.

For even more information on SMB data storage best practices, or to ask one of our experts a question, check out our Ask the Experts section on SearchSMBStorage.

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