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Dashboard for rent: Web portal consolidates view of distributed storage

A new product consolidates view of distributed storage environments.

Dashboard for rent:
Web portal consolidates view of distributed storage
By Linda Christie

Until now, enterprise-level storage managers have not had one solution that could provide a centralized view of an entire storage environment--across multiple SANs and backup networks, multiple sites, and disparate platforms.

To address this problem Storability is now providing a new storage management service, AssuredInsight, that utilizes the AssurENT Architecture and AssuredStorage Navigator portal to deliver consolidated storage reporting to their customers via a secure web portal.

"AssuredInsight gives storage administrators a consolidated 'dashboard' view of their distributed storage and backup environments, across multiple locations and platforms, regardless of the manufacturer," says Jeffrey James, managed storage services marketing manager for Storability, a provider of automated storage assurance services.

James says that with AssuredInsight you don't have to create inquiries to find out how your storage environment is performing.

"When you first sign on, you receive a graphical dashboard summary of your distributed storage and backup environments," James says. "If there's been a problem, you can drill down to a specific server, for example, to quickly identify what the problem was and how it was resolved."

Using AssuredInsight, administrators can generate date-delimited as well as near real-time detailed reports of their storage and backup infrastructure, including problem reporting, capacity utilization, I/O performance, tape and library capacity, and backup job statistics.

"You can also poll your infrastructure to get a configuration change report," James adds. "Automatic configuration discovery will identify if someone made a change that others are not aware of."

As an added benefit, James says that the billing feature allows IT departments to collect usage statistics for specific groups and export that data to popular billing programs.

To find out more about how AssuredStorage Navigator and AssuredInsight work, visit Storability's Web site.

Also read Storability?s white paper "Storage assurance - A new class of service".

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About the author: Linda Christie is a contributing editor based in Tulsa, Okla. She's the author of the bimonthly "Storage Management" newsletter published by

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