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Crossroads targets "underserved" SAN market

Crossroads targets "underserved" SAN market with hardware.

Crossroads Systems, Inc. recently made another product announcement in connection with their ServerAttach technologies designed to connect SCSI servers into Fibre Channel (FC) architectures, including storage area networks (SANs). The latest version targets IBM's eServer iSeries and pSeries server platforms.

According to the company, the ServerAttach family allows customers to implement server-to-SAN connectivity with a simple installation process that extends the longevity and usefulness of existing assets. No HBA hardware or driver software is required.

Benefits of this architecture include investment protection with support for proprietary SCSI commands, such as linking commands in IBM iSeries environments, and distance extension for greater flexibility in the physical location of systems.

"What they are doing is opening up the benefits of SANs to people who had previously been largely closed out of that," said Eric Sheppard, an analyst with IDC. "They are also doing it at a reasonable price," he added.

Sheppard says that market of SAN wannabes has long been underserved and forced to pay higher prices. "I'm sure users in the AS/400 space will welcome this product," he added.

In a statement, Crossroads CEO, Brian R. Smith noted that the company has historically been a leader in tape-attach storage routing. "With ServerAttach, Crossroads is moving into an adjacent market that is additive to our existing tape opportunities," he said.

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