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SANexec Designes attempts to transform the many steps of designing a SAN into a simpler and less complex process.

Netreon, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., recently introduced a product called SANexec Designer, that applies the techniques of computer-aided design engineering to transform the many steps of designing a SAN into a simpler and less complex process. Netreon, a provider of storage software products, with a development center in Redmond, Washington, promises that the Microsoft Windows-based product can cut deployment times and save users money.

In a statement, Nancy Marrone, senior analyst of the Enterprise Storage Group said, "Netreon offers a comprehensive solution for designing and validating SAN configurations. Their ability to import their SAN designs into other vendors' storage network management applications is unique and definitely beneficial to users that are already using [storage network management] solutions."

"A user can take advantage of SANexec Designer without having to modify their existing management environment," she added.

John S. Webster, founder of the Data Mobility Group concurred in giving high marks to SANexec's ability to move designs into switches and HBAs but he warned that the current reference database of hardware and software components, which Netreon says it is working to expand through voluntary vendor participation, is far from complete. This limits its current usefulness, he said.

However, said Webster, "if they can get a better level of detail, this should be very useful, a welcome help for users trying to manage the complexity of SAN."


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