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Best time to defrag Win2k

Easy tips for best defrag results with Win2k.

Best time to defrag Win2k
Darren R.

This tip came from reader Darren R, who claims particular expertise in dealing with Windows 2000 and defrag. This tip doesn't talk about programs, but does talk about the best times to defragment, and some things to take into account.

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I'm a Beta Tester for Microsoft, and here is a tip for installations and defragging.

The best way for defragging, in my opinion, especially in NT/Win2k operating systems, is to defrag as soon as the OS is installed. You won't believe how messed up it is after a new installation! Then, when you are installing apps, defrag after one or two installs, especially after installing Office. It is time consuming, but the results are worth it.

Also, try placing the swap file on another partition or disable the swap file BEFORE you defrag (if in your main partition), so you won't have the swap file scattered. Then enable your swap file after all your apps are installed, and reboot.

My Win2k box has been running SP2 24X7 for months now, and with regular defrags like the Northern Oklahoma College tip, you should have no problems for a while.

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