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Audit your SAN's security risks

This tip describes checklists for auditing the security of your storage area networks (SANs).

Securing a SAN requires more than just installing it according to the manufacturers' instructions. To ensure SAN security, you have to conduct a security audit to check that all the known vulnerabilities have been dealt with and that you have the appropriate policies and procedures in place.

Usually a SAN security audit is conducted with the aid of a checklist. While almost every SAN is unique, you can begin the auditing process with a sample checklist that can be modified to fit your circumstances.

There are a number of such checklists available. The Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) has identified several that provide a basis for a SAN security audit, including the SNIA's own SSIF checklist and a SNIA booklet on identifying security threats.

SNIA also has a white paper titled, "How To Do A Storage Security Audit" which includes a checklist at Others include OCTAVE, which is a general security assessment documented by CERT, and the STRIDE assessment model which is described in a sample chapter online from Microsoft Press.

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