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Another storage option from LSI Logic

Another storage option from LSI Logic

LSI Logic announced a data migration services practice for enterprises with heterogeneous servers and storage systems. The data migration services will be provided by the LSI Logic Storage Systems Professional Services Group.

Announcement highlights

LSI Logic Storage Systems, which provides storage systems both through major OEMs and direct under its MetaStor label has now offered a service to migrate data between storage systems from different vendors. This data migration service, offered through its professional service group, uses the ContinuStor Director from LSI Logic Storage Systems to move data between heterogeneous storage systems. Using a hardware-based solution to migrate data can provide an order of magnitude performance advantage over software solutions.

The ContinuStor Director is a replication and virtualization device that sits in the data path between servers and storage. Using the capability to abstract storage and present different LUN images from different storage systems attached to the ContinuStor Director makes it an effective data mover between storage systems while still maintaining access from the attached servers.

Migrating data between storage systems is a normal occurrence in information technology environments due to addition or retirement of storage systems, workload balancing between different systems or locations, movement of data center operations, or various other reasons. Providing this as a professional service with the ContinuStor Director gives LSI Logic Storage Systems an offering that customers may choose to utilize rather than existing personnel and software only solutions. Data migration consumes an unrecognized amount of resources in an IT shop and this offering gives storage professionals another option.

Evaluator Group comments:

Use of the ContinuStor Director as a vehicle for migrating data in a professional service offering was a very clever idea. The strengths of the ContinuStor Director can be exploited in allowing access to data while it is being moved between heterogeneous storage systems at a very high rate. Data Migration services are an important offering for professional services and can be very useful for some customers.

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