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Annual I/O Industry awards program announces winners

DataCore, EMC and Compaq's VersaStor were award winners at the Server I/O Conference and Tradeshow in February 2001.

Annual I/O Industry Awards Program announces winners
Alan Earls

Last month's Server I/O Conference and Tradeshow heaped praise on two storage makers -- and one storage executive. Both of the product winners were focused in the SAN area. The I/O Technologies Forum Awards Program, sponsored by Santa Barbara-based Strategic Research Corp. bases its awards on votes from within the industry rather than on assessments by experts. The Forum presented the awards at the conference in Monterey on February 8.

The winners were:

  • Product of the Year for 2000: SANsymphony - DataCore Software Corporation
  • Best New Technology for 2001: VersaStor Technology - Compaq Computer Corporation
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael Ruettgers - EMC Corporation
  • DataCore's SANsymphony was selected from among a number of top storage finalists including EMC Corporation's Symmetrix 8000; Compaq Computer Corporation's StorageWorks Enterprise Modular Array 12000; Computer Associates International, Inc.'s ARCserve 2000 and DataDirect Networks, Inc.'s SAN DataDirector.

    Compaq's VersaStor? Technology, provides SAN-wide storage virtualization. VersaStor Technology simplifies storage management, large-scale Open SAN deployment, and data recovery to increase customers' business velocity-the speed at which they respond to changes and opportunities. Compaq says it will make VersaStor Technology available to system software and host bus adapter vendors for product deliveries this year.

    "The I/O Technologies Forum Awards Program is the only industry selected award program for the broad I/O industry, covering networking, servers and storage technologies," notes Darren Niller, Analyst, Director of Research Strategic Research Corp.

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    This was last published in March 2001

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