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Add 3% more hard disk space for free

Add 3% more hard disk space for free
By Linda Christie

Are you using the default Temporary Internet File cache size when you set up Internet Explorer for use on desktop PCs? If you are, you may be wasting a sizeable chunk of your hard disk resources.

"To speed up browsing, Internet Explorer reserves up to 3 percent of the size of each hard disk to store graphic files associated with viewed Internet pages --that's nearly a full gigabyte for a 30G hard disk," said Stephen Christie, a network administrator for a Fortune 1000 company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "If your employees have access to a fast Internet connection, caching fewer graphic files will not degrade Internet browsing performance," Christie said.

To free disk space, Christie recommends manually lowering the size of the Temporary Internet File cache allocated. "Select the Internet Properties menu from the Control Panel, select the Temporary Internet Files Settings button, and then change the 'Amount of disk space to use' setting by dragging the slider."

As you deploy new PCs or upgrade to newer versions of Internet Explorer, you should take advantage of the new option: 'Empty Temporary Internet File folder when browser is closed' which is found in the Internet Properties menu under the 'Advanced' tab.

Christie goes on to suggest the following: "If you change this setting for PCs already in service, though, I recommend that technicians manually purge existing files so the user doesn't think the computer is hung up the next time the browser closes -- the cache can contain over a million 2K files!"

To further reduce hard disk usage, Christie also recommends lowering the number of days of history the browser retains.

Detailed instructions for each Internet Explorer version are available at

About the author: Linda Christie is a contributing editor based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's the author of the bimonthly "Storage Management" newsletter published by, as well as Stephen Christie?s proud mom.

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This was last published in March 2001

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