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  • Gold standard of data protection methods goes through sea of change

    Most enterprises now use four backup products for business data protection even though a unified product would do a better job of meeting their needs. Continue Reading

  • Six hot data storage trends for 2015

    For 12 years, Storage magazine has presented its roster of new data storage trends that are ready to have an impact in data centers. We’ll tell you why VMware VVOLs, all-flash arrays, cloud disaster recovery, flash caching, server SANs and hybrid arrays should be on your short list for storage technology refreshes.

    Admins struggled with backing up virtual machines (VMs), until vendors responded with updated suites and new backup apps especially for VMs. But there were more basic issues with supporting virtual environments with traditional SAN and NAS systems. A handful of startups stepped up with arrays that shed the paradigms of the past in favor of a hypervisor-centric approach. Find out what life after LUNs is all about.

    Our ninth annual Quality Awards survey for tape libraries reveals our readers' choices for the midrange and enterprise libraries that stand out in their environments.

     Continue Reading

  • How to estimate the lifespan of backup tape media

    Brien Posey offers advice on how to estimate the useful lifespan of backup tape media based on how it is used, in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading

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