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  • Hyper-converged infrastructures: Game changer or vendor push?

    Hyper-converged infrastructures, which combine computing, storage, networking and virtualization in the same box, promise hardware cost savings and IT efficiency. Or at least that's what hyper-convergence product vendors tout. But does the technology live up to the vendor hype? Moreover, could the promised benefits of hyper-converged systems oust conventional on-premises architectures and public cloud?

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Site Editor John Moore explores the possible benefits of hyperconverged infrastructures and why some IT execs say not to focus solely on the cost benefits. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen outlines five critical questions he asked before making the decision on a hyper-convergence vendor. In our last piece, Taneja Group analyst Mike Matchett goes through the five major benefits of hyper-converged architectures.

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  • What are some considerations for choosing cloud block storage?

    If you're going to use block storage for cloud-based apps, there are some factors to consider. Andrew Reichman covers six in this expert answer. Continue Reading

  • Specialized types of storage media make purchase decisions more complex

    The business of picking the right media for the data has become nothing less than a critical task. Continue Reading

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