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  • Oracle RMAN tutorial: Get started with database backup

    Oracle Recovery Manager offers advantages over user-managed database backups. It's important to know the right commands to begin several different kinds of backups. Continue Reading

  • Cloud-based backups take flight

    Cloud-to-cloud backup -- copying data stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud -- has gained popularity with small offices and home users because of its convenience. It takes the management and maintenance of hardware out of the equation for the customer. Initial capital expenditures for additional hardware are not required and overall initial costs are much lower. Backups can be run dark, which means they can be run automatically without manual intervention.

    Most users assume that because data is in the cloud, it is also protected. Cloud-based data is backed up, but only to protect the cloud provider, not the organization. If, for example, an employee deletes files, there is little that can be done to recover them without paying restore fees. Cloud-to-cloud backup protects against this type of data loss.

    Cloud-to-cloud backup provides users with a convenient way to have data stored in many locations. However, it also multiplies the possibility of sensitive information being compromised, in particular as compared to offline hard backups.

    And although cloud has generally proved to be a more reliable backup method than local efforts tend to be, any system can fail. Multiple locations are advised for backups for added data security. With this Drill Down, learn best practices for the emerging cloud-to-cloud backup process.

     Continue Reading

  • How does VMware CBT affect VMs?

    How does VMware Changed Block Tracking affect virtual machines and data protection? Continue Reading

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