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  • What's new in private cloud management?

    To have a successful private cloud deployment, consider your goals, address security and scalability needs, and incorporate private cloud management tools.Continue Reading

  • Guide to examples of cloud computing in healthcare

    The potential of cloud computing in healthcare can no longer be understated as cloud providers step up their security features and undergo testing to ensure HIPAA compliance.Continue Reading

  • Early adopters face AWS Lambda cost management challenges

    Serverless computing abstracts away infrastructure management responsibilities, but some customers find that this convenience comes with a price that's not easy to estimate or manage.Continue Reading

  • Cloud security threats in 2018: Get ahead of the storm

    Consistent security for all data from cloud providers and third-party partners is what many consider the next evolution of cloud. The biggest cloud security threats for most companies, however, result from in-house staff mistakes, lack of patching and misconfiguration.

    Even when the risks associated with cloud security threats are high, the cost benefits to organizations outweigh the risks. Enterprise spending for public cloud services worldwide is expected to reach $160 billion in 2018, according to the International Data Corporation. Software as a service still has the highest growth, followed by infrastructure as a service and platform as a service. Many technology platforms take advantage of public cloud security features, but large-scale clouds don't always mean large-scale threat protection. What cloud security threats should you watch out for in 2018?

    "It seems like there's a lot of money to be made in cryptocurrency, and it is so much easier to attack [the internet of things] with Linux malware," said Mounir Hahad, head of threat research at Juniper Networks.

    Botnets increasingly pose cloud security threats, powering distributed denial of service, ransomware and other crippling attacks. Ransomware remains one of the most lucrative for cybercriminals, who can easily find ransomware kits online. In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at cloud security in 2018 and strategies to protect sensitive data from internal and external threats.

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  • Migrating public folders requires extensive planning

    Do your homework to find the right option for public folders when making a move to Exchange Online. Here are guidelines to help you navigate the requirements and limitations.Continue Reading

  • PrimeSource move to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud improves efficiency

    PrimeSource improved its SAP environment by moving from an on-premises SAP environment on DB2 to SAP HANA hosted by Virtustream, with a consumption-based billing model.Continue Reading

  • Voxbone tech chief: Customer service is the new job of CIO

    The job of CIO is changing all right, and cloud computing is hastening that transition. Today, IT leaders are using cloud to solve old problems -- and form new bonds with the business.Continue Reading

  • Impact Awards honor the best cloud and data center tools

    Each year, the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards program salutes the data center tools and cloud management technologies that stand out from the crowd. The winners are the products that prove particularly useful and draw raves from users. These technologies act as catalysts for innovation in the cloud environments and data centers that modern businesses rely on to keep moving forward.

    More than ever, the right technologies can make the difference between a business strategy that succeeds and one that disappoints. It's one thing for cloud services or data center tools to make it easier for IT professionals to carry out their day-to-day duties, but it takes something special for a product or service to help drive real organizational success. We're pleased to honor that excellence with this special edition of Modern Infrastructure.

    Also, be sure to check this issue for articles and columns that delve into the complications that accompany the benefits of using multiple cloud providers, the applicability of serverless computing and the scenarios that might give pause to even the biggest IoT proponents.

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  • Red Hat CIO talks open hybrid cloud, next-generation IT

    Deploying his company's open hybrid cloud product, preparing for next-generation IT, building an 'inclusive meritocracy' -- Red Hat CIO Mike Kelly talks turkey with SearchCIO.Continue Reading

  • David Neuman: The CISO position and keeping the cloud safe

    The Rackspace CISO joined the enlisted ranks in the Air Force, eventually becoming an officer with global responsibilities before moving to the private sector.Continue Reading

  • Transition to a hybrid cloud platform from a private cloud

    Consider factors like security, platform compatibility, data usage requirements and management when transitioning from a private cloud to a hybrid cloud.Continue Reading

  • Five key components of a future-proof health IT strategy

    As healthcare executives begin to build their technology roadmaps, AI and advanced analytics, as well as continuing to focus on security, are essential components to include.Continue Reading

  • New distributed tracing API completes the feedback loop

    As apps get moved to the cloud and software has no fixed address, tracing and troubleshooting are challenges. However, a new distributed tracing API promises to simplify things.Continue Reading

  • Expert: For BI, you must know the data integration process

    Understanding the data integration process is central to self-service BI and data architecture design, consultant Rick Sherman says in an end-of-year look at data management trends.Continue Reading

  • Six barriers to artificial intelligence adoption in healthcare

    Although artificial intelligence is gaining popularity in many industries, not everyone in healthcare is completely sold on the technology, which can impede its adoption.Continue Reading