Storage virtualization

Storage virtualization is a method for carving up or combining physical storage into virtual segments for easier management. Look here for guidance and advice on storage and virtualization topics such as block virtualization, file virtualization, NAS virtualization, data storage solutions for a virtual environment, virtualization strategy and other technologies.

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  • virtual memory

    Virtual memory is a memory management capability of an operating system (OS) that uses hardware and software to allow a computer to compensate for physical memory shortages by temporarily transferring data from random access memory (RAM) to disk ... Continue Reading

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    Containerization simplifies storage operations, saving time and money. Getting started is easy, too, once you know what to look for. Continue Reading

  • storage virtualization

    Storage virtualization is the pooling of physical storage from multiple storage devices into what appears to be a single storage device -- or pool of available storage capacity -- that is managed from a central console. Continue Reading

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