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All-flash arrays are rapidly chasing hard disk drive storage out of the data center for primary storage. This topic page includes the latest news, tips and special reports for all-flash arrays. Explore the use cases, architectures, solid-state drive (SSD) and NVMe technologies, vendors and all-flash array products in the modern data center.

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  • Dell EMC PowerMax

    Formerly VMAX, PowerMax flash from Dell EMC is rated to deliver 10 million IOPS. All-flash PowerMax maintains the VMAX multicontroller, but replaces SAS SSDs with NVMe. Continue Reading

  • HPE Nimble Storage arrays

    Our Products of the Year judges give HPE's all-flash arrays high marks for built-in analytics, automation, ease of use and price-to-performance balance for midmarket enterprises. Continue Reading

  • Pure Storage AIRI

    AIRI is a preconfigured hardware stack for data-intensive analytics. It combines Pure Storage's all-flash FlashBlade and Nvidia Tesla-based DGX supercomputers. Continue Reading

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