iSCSI SAN storage and its role in data storage environments

Learn about iSCSI SAN storage. We explain how to use iSCSI SANs in a virtual environment, debunk myths about iSCSI technology and offer iSCSI best practices.

Since its introduction, many people have been skeptical of iSCSI SAN storage. According to past Storage magazine surveys, users didn't wish to deploy iSCSI in their data storage environments due to worries related to performance and reliability. However, those concerns often had to do with older, more primitive versions of iSCSI. Current iSCSI storage systems have improved, and iSCSI SANs are now considered by many a worthy competitor to Fibre Channel SANs.

"iSCSI is a great option for environments that need networked, block-level shared storage to support applications such as databases [Oracle and SQL], Exchange or deployment of server-based file sharing systems," said Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst at StorageIO Group.

However, Schulz did issue some iSCSI warnings. Additional software is often required on a server to actually share the data. In addition, people often think their costs are reduced because they don't need adapters with iSCSI. But they might bump into additional costs or complexities with iSCSI SANs because it "opens the door to other SAN solution options," Schulz said. Still, he sees a bright future for iSCSI SAN storage. "It continues to find new market and deployment opportunities co-existing with other tiered storage networking technologies, including shared SAS, Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet, all targeted at different environments, usage requirements and opportunities," he said.

To help you get a better grasp on iSCSI SAN storage and determine whether or not iSCSI is right for your data storage environment, has compiled its most popular iSCSI content in one spot. This iSCSI guide will show you what iSCSI SANs offer in a storage landscape, explain common iSCSI storage misconceptions and offer a cheat sheet on best practices for iSCSIs in VMware environments.

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