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VDI technology: What you need to know to implement VDI at your company

Our VDI technology assessment helps users construct a VDI project plan, provides VDI licensing info and discusses the challenges of implementing VDI storage

In a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), a desktop operating system is hosted in a virtual machine (VM), which runs on servers in the data center. While VDI technology sounds simple, successful VDI adoption requires a thorough understanding of I/O demands and capabilities, and anticipation of possible system stressors such as boot storms and shut-down cycles.

Still, potential VDI benefits are many: thin clients can improve log-in times, reduce staffing and hardware costs, and allow storage administrators to support remote users as if they're local.

In this special report on VDI technology, learn how VDI storage works and how to handle the challenges you may encounter when implementing VDI in your environment. We'll tell you how to correctly construct a VDI project plan and what applications are best suited to VDI technology. Then check out our pricing information to find out whether $40-per-desktop VDI licensing is a practical goal. Finally, get the low-down on how to address VDI storage challenges with data deduplication and NAS storage systems.

 VDI project plan: Start with right applications and use pilot program

Storage experts and early adopters of virtual desktop infrastructures advise data storage administrators to lay out a detailed implementation plan that includes a test program. Read what they have to say about the technology, some of the issues they confronted in their own implementations and other details you need to consider when constructing a VDI project plan.

 VDI licensing: Beware the under-$40-per-desktop promise

Many data storage vendors claim they can enable VDI technology for under $40 a desktop, but some users and industry experts say that price isn't realistic unless you're deploying VDI across thousands of desktops. We offer real-world, bottom-line assessments on VDI licensing.

 Address VDI storage challenges with data dedupe, NAS storage systems

Storage administrators can run into a number of problems with VDI technology. Ray Lucchesi, president at Broomfield, Colo.-based Silverton Consulting, offers ideas for using deduplication and NAS storage for VDI implementations, as well as technical tips for getting started. Read the Q&A transcript or listen/download the podcast on how to address VDI storage challenges.

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