TechTarget Boston IT Pro Resource Center

TechTarget Boston IT Pro Resource Center

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Boston has always been a Mecca for IT pros. We house giants like Microsoft and Google and house thriving startups in community places like the Cambridge Innovation center.

IT pros working in Boston are in the trenches at the front lines of their industry constantly destroying boundaries and making headlines. Staying up-to-date with the Boston IT scene can be a daunting task..

We’ve got your back..

At TechTarget, Our team of editors and network of information technology industry experts provide rich, relevant content to IT professionals and management. We leverage the immediacy of the Web, the networking and face-to-face opportunities of events and virtual events, and the ability to interact with peers to create compelling and actionable information for enterprise IT professionals across all industries and markets.

Download your free resource guide to get info about these Boston topics:

  • Boston-area IT pros face a variety of backup challenges. Read first-hand accounts on how your local peers are combatting these problems
  • Find out what goes into being the director of IT for the Boston Red Sox
  • SunGard Availability Services restores services in the Back Bay after 21,000 people lost power. Get the details into their strategy

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This was last published in April 2014

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