Tech Report: E-mail archiving

This Tech Report gives you everything you need to know about e-mail archiving.

In this month's "Tech Report" storage analyst Jerome M. Wendt takes look at e-mail archiving. There are a number of questions to be answered and tasks to be completed when a company is considering implementing an e-mail archiving system, including deciding who should handle the implementation and maintenance and which products and features will be needed. Wendt covers all the bases and can help you to answer your questions with the following articles and webcasts on e-mail archiving.

   Webcast series: Email archiving
   Storage magazine extra
   Additional information on e-mail archiving

Webcast series : Storage managers must deal with stricter government regulations and rapidly escalating e-mail stores. There are many e-mail archiving programs available, but finding the one that best meets your company's needs is the key.'s E-mail Archiving Seminar is a three-part series detailing the design, implementation and installation of these product suites.

Lesson one: Why to archive, your product options and where to archive.
Lesson two: Real world implementations of e-mail archives.
Lesson three: Explore the features you must look for before buying an archive product – and the advanced features and functionalities.

Or, listen to the entire webcast series right now.

Click here for the original tech report from Storage magazine. This article also includes a downloadable comparison table about e-mail archiving applications .

For more information about e-mail archiving, take a look at these resources:

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  • EMC Centera scalability hampers large e-mail archives

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