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NAS solutions: Trends at work in the NAS market

NAS solutions must adapt to market demands; learn about the role of clustered NAS, multiprotocol or unified storage, open source NAS, cloud NAS and 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the NAS market.

With the compound annual growth rate of unstructured data projected at more than 60% over the next few years, NAS...

solutions are trying to keep pace with that growth. For instance, high-end NAS systems are improving performance via acceleration hardware and data reduction techniques to cut the amount of data that needs to be stored.

Another approach to improve performance (and enable independent scaling of capacity) is using clustered NAS, which joins file server nodes under a global namespace. Some other important trends changing the NAS solutions landscape include multiprotocol or unified storage, which combines file and block storage in a single system; open-source NAS, led by companies developing around Oracle-Sun's ZFS file system; and cloud storage and its cloud NAS technology subset.

Meanwhile, 10 Gigabit Ethernet hardware promises to speed delivery of data, and IT organizations are expected to consider the technology as a key factor in their decision around networked storage. Other organizations are looking for ways to deal with NAS sprawl. Read this special report for a full examination of the trends at work in the NAS market.

 NAS systems evolve to cope with unstructured data growth
As unstructured data growth continues, network-attached storage systems ranging from scale-out products to cloud data storage services are evolving to meet new levels of performance and scalability demands. Learn how these developments can help IT organizations struggling to keep pace with unstructured data growth.

 NAS adoption may be influenced by 10 Gigabit Ethernet pricing 
As prices drop, 10 Gigabit Ethernet will play a role in the choice of NAS solutions for some IT shops, especially those interested in extra bandwidth for virtual server environments. Read about how 10 Gigabit Ethernet weighed in one law firm's purchasing decision around a NetApp Inc. NAS system.

 NAS management improves with scale-out NAS, file virtualization and cloud storage services
NAS sprawl causes NAS management headaches with huge migrations and downtime. But scale-out NAS, file virtualization and information classification tools, and cloud storage services can help keep NAS systems under control. In this podcast, Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director, validation services at Taneja Group, discusses how to curb NAS sprawl.

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