EMC World 2010 Boston: Cloud computing, data backup and storage management

EMC World 2010 Boston highlighted cloud computing, data backup and data storage management. Check out our coverage to learn about new product announcements, upgrades to the Clariion and Celerra offerings and EMC's plans around private storage clouds and virtualization.

EMC World 2010 Boston turned a spotlight on cloud computing, data backup and converged storage management. SearchStorage.com senior news writer Beth Pariseau provided live coverage from the three-day event, and other TechTarget reporters and editors from SearchStorage.com, SearchServerVirtualization.com and SearchDataBackup.com were on hand to provide news and analysis from EMC Corp.'s annual user conference. Check out these stories, as well as our Storage Soup blog, for comprehensive EMC World 2010 Boston coverage.

 EMC's Tucci: "We're taking a virtualized approach"
EMC World 2010 Boston kicked off with a keynote speech from CEO Joe Tucci. Tucci stated that while other companies will be building stack offerings, comprised of servers, database, middleware and storage, EMC will be taking a virtualization approach. Tucci also discussed EMC's acquisition approach and how the company plans to help manage data growth with cloud computing.

 VPlex active-active storage creates a stir at EMC World
EMC unveiled VPlex, its new set of products for federating data storage across geographic distance, during the first day of EMC World 2010. Two of the four VPlex products, VPlex Local and VPlex Metro, are available today. And while private cloud computing remains mostly theoretical for now, there was significant customer interest surrounding the new VPlex product set.

 EMC previews FAST 2, block-level compression, common management console for Clariion and Celerra
EMC World 2010 Boston included announcements that a second version of EMC's Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) software will be available in July. The new version has automated tiered storage support and block-level compression for Clariion and Celerra. EMC also previewed new data migration and storage efficiency features, as well as a common storage management interface for Clariion and Celerra.

   EMC World Day 2: Backup and Unisphere
Day 2 at EMC World 2010 was packed with several announcements, most notably being that there is new software from Data Domain called DD Boost that can currently be integrated with NetBackup and Backup Exec. EMC also announced that it is rolling out the Unisphere unified management platform that will put Celerra and Clariion management into a single pan.

 EMC, VMware tighten storage integration
Private storage clouds and virtualization were a big topic at EMC World 2010 Boston, with a particular focus on improving storage integration with VMware. EMC announced that it is now possible to manage its Clariion and Celerra storage lines through vCenter. Clariion and Celerra will now also support VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration in an effort to tighten storage integration.

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