Disk archive appliances a niche approach to long-term retention

Learn if your company is a good fit for a disk archive appliance, the trends in the archive appliance market and alternatives to disk archiving appliances today.

Among archiving solutions in the data storage market, purpose-built disk archive appliances offer the ability to apply WORM locks on data, retention management, indexing and data deduplication -- with the ease of installation and simplified maintenance inherent in an appliance. The two basic types of disk archive appliances offer options for enterprise IT shops as well as for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But the product class is a small one, and projected growth rates are low. Find out whether your company is a good fit for an archiving appliance, what the trends are, what options you have for an archiving appliance and what vendors are doing to broaden the appeal of their systems in this special report on archiving appliances.

Archive appliances hold appeal for SMBs and IT shops with regulatory compliance requirements

While disk archive appliances aren't the hottest storage products on the market, they do hold some appeal among IT shops in highly regulated and litigious industries that need to preserve data in an unchanged state. And SMBs looking for an easy alternative to other archiving solutions, such as software archiving products or cloud storage services, are turning to archive appliances. Find out where they might make sense -- and hear from one analyst who argues against them.

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Disk archiving appliance types: High-end systems to low-end email archiving appliances

Learn what distinguishes disk archive appliances from other archiving solutions and find out what types of appliances are available -- from costly, scalable and highly available appliances to less-expensive appliances that are usually dedicated to email archiving.

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Disk archiving appliances market outlook

The market for disk archive appliances is expected to grow very slowly over the next five years. Find out why, as well as what vendors are doing to reposition their products to appeal to a broader audience.

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Podcast: Archive appliance trends

In this podcast interview, Russ Fellows, a senior partner at Evaluator Group Inc., discusses the latest trends in data archive appliances. He also offers advice about when a purpose-built archiving storage system would be a good choice and when an alternative data archiving approach might make more sense.

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