Data storage optimization techniques for primary storage gain foothold

Learn why data storage optimization techniques such as deduplication and compression are gaining ground with vendors, and how users are implementing data reduction methods in primary storage.

With deduplication and data compression technology well-entrenched in the backup space, vendors and users alike are now looking at data storage optimization techniques for primary storage.

Although the potential space savings from primary storage data reduction represent much smaller percentages than those from backup and can bring a performance hit, explosive data growth means IT organizations can't afford to ignore the technology. In this special report on data storage optimization techniques, we examine the companies positioning themselves in the primary storage deduplication and  compression space to find out where the technologies are headed. We also speak with three users of NetApp data deduplication to learn how they've cut space requirements for their VMware environments. Finally, Tony Asaro, a senior analyst and founder of The INI Group, explains the challenges, benefits and use cases for data reduction in primary storage systems.

Data reduction methods for primary storage: Vendor push impacts market
Data reduction methods for primary storage received a boost in 2010 when Dell Inc. and IBM bought Ocarina Networks and Storwize, respectively. But many storage vendors -- including Compellent, EMC, GreenBytes, NetApp, Nexenta Systems, Oracle and Permabit -- have now released or are working on products that will have a greater impact on reducing data on primary storage. Learn about Dell's sweeping vision for "consistent and compatible dedupe in every product," read about IBM's plans to incorporate Storwize technology throughout its storage products and find out what data reduction methods other vendors plan to add to their offerings.

Primary storage technologies: HP and HDS ponder dedupe, compression
Despite the attention being focused on primary storage data reduction, not every vendor is making the leap. While Hewlett-Packard Co. is expanding its StoreOnce backup dedupe software for other uses and primary dedupe will make its way into Hitachi Data Systems products via OEM'ed technology from BlueArc, the two vendors are signaling that data reduction for their SAN arrays isn't high on their priority lists. Find out why HP and HDS aren't hurrying to take on these primary storage technologies.

NetApp dedupe users reduce primary storage needs for VMware VMDK files
How are primary storage dedupe users reducing their capacity needs for virtual machines? We spoke with three IT organizations -- Glatfelter Insurance Group, University of British Columbia and the American Association of Airport Executives -- about the space savings and other benefits they received from their NetApp dedupe implementations.

Primary storage deduplication, compression: Prepare for data reduction
We spoke with Tony Asaro, a senior analyst and founder of The INI Group, about the data types that primary dedupe is most suited for, and how deduplication and compression for primary storage technologies will change over the next few years. Listen to this podcast to discover the major challenges of primary storage deduplication and compression.

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