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Cloud storage strategy: A guide to implementing cloud storage in your organization

This how-to guide on implementing a cloud storage strategy explains cloud storage from every angle: marketplace dynamics, products for building a storage cloud, SLAs and best practices.

Cloud storage hasn't lived up to the hype so far -- at least not among enterprise IT organizations. But it is making inroads in certain areas, and industry experts suggest that the outlook could be very different in a year. It's clearly one technology area that you can't afford to ignore. Our special report on cloud storage strategy takes a comprehensive look at storage services. Read on to find out about market dynamics, the products you can use to build a private storage cloud, best practices for moving to the cloud, service-level agreements (SLAs), terminology, analyses of external clouds and internal clouds, and major obstacles to enterprise adoption.

Cloud storage adoption slow; cloud backup leads the way
While enterprises have had a lackluster response to cloud storage so far, market experts point to an uptick in cloud backup and cloud archive. Find out what's driving the interest in backup and archive clouds, and how early adopter organizations are using the technology.

Private storage cloud software and hardware product guide
Use this guide to survey the products available for setting up a private storage cloud, including products from EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co., Symantec Corp. and more.

Cloud storage: Five best practices for moving to the cloud
Looking for cloud storage best practices? Enterprise data storage experts offer five best practices for getting the most from cloud storage, including what to look for in an SLA, cloud pricing issues and using existing resources to set up a cloud.

Cloud storage service-level agreements (SLAs) specify uptime guarantees but not data availability 
In this podcast, ESG analyst Terri McClure discusses cloud storage service-level agreements, including what an SLA typically covers, what the major shortcomings are, how much ability you have to negotiate the SLA and whether your attorney should review it.

Evolving cloud storage market has users weighing their enterprise data storage options
Learn about the evolving cloud storage market, the terminology used to define cloud storage and what goals are driving the cloud storage concept.

External cloud storage appeals to smaller firms, but large enterprises remain cautious
Get details on how early adopters are using external cloud storage as part of their cloud storage strategy, and learn the differences between external public clouds and external private clouds.

Internal private cloud storage makes its way into larger enterprises
Read about how enterprises are using internal private clouds to cut costs and manage enterprise data storage more efficiently, and catch up on the debate over the distinction between a system sold as an internal cloud storage platform and a system sold as clustered network-attached storage (NAS).

Cloud storage: Not everyone thinks the future is bright for clouds
Find out what users say could stand in the way of their adoption of cloud storage, including data availability, security, performance and data migration, and how those concerns should figure into your cloud storage strategy.

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