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Addressing data storage performance with storage monitoring tools

Enterprise data storage performance bottlenecks can be addressed by a mix of storage-related tools, including operating system tools, storage resource management (SRM) software, SAN monitoring applications and more.

Enterprise data storage performance bottlenecks that can clog disk drives, controllers and the ports into arrays can be addressed by a mix of storage-related tools. Storage administrators can address performance bottlenecks by turning to one or more of the following options:

1. Application tools that are built into applications. These include Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange Server and SQL Server and Oracle Corp.'s database servers.

2. Operating system tools. In a Windows environment, Perfmon can be used, while iostat or sar can be used in a Unix/Linux environment.

3. Element managers for the storage arrays and the switches.

4. Storage resource management (SRM) software, such as:

5. SAN monitoring applications, including:

6. Specialized storage performance monitoring tools from vendors such as Akorri, Tek-Tools and Virtual Instruments Corp.

These tools generally work by sending commands to the element managers, talking to a storage device's APIs or command-line interfaces. They can also work by using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) put out by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

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