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Storage: Do you speak geek?

Think you know storage? Take our quick quiz and see how you measure up on our storage geek-o-meter. How many can you guess without peeking?

Think you know storage? Take our quick quiz and see how you measure up on our storage geek-o-meter. How many can you guess without peeking? And when you're done, how about sharing your score with us.

1. This is a temporary storage area in a computer where the operating system, application programs, and other data in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached by the computer's processor. It maintains data only as long as a computer is running and reloads it each time the computer is turned on.
What is it?

2. This is a type of RAM chip that improves the time to read from memory on faster microprocessors.
What is it?

3. This is a user-modifiable read-only memory that can be erased and rewritten repeatedly through the application of higher than normal electrical voltage.
What is it?

4. This is a special battery-powered form of RAM in certain Macintosh computers that stores vital system information, such as the date, time, and configuration settings. Because PRAM is powered by an internal battery, the information isn't lost when you turn the computer off as it is with regular RAM.
What is it?

5. This is an adaptation of the CD that is designed to store computer data in the form of text and graphics, as well as hi-fi stereo sound.
What is it?

6. This is a type of constantly-powered nonvolatile memory that can be erased and rewritten, often used to hold control code, such as the basic input/output system (BIOS), in a personal computer.
What is it?

7. This is very high-performance video RAM that is dual-ported and has about 25% more bandwidth than VRAM but costs less, and is more efficient to read data for use in block fills and text drawing.
What is it?

8. This is often called the frame buffer, it's a special arrangement of dynamic RAM (DRAM) used to store image data for a computer display.
What is it?

9. This is a protocol-based approach in which all signals to RAM are on the same line rather than separated by type; since access time does not depend on synchronizing operations on multiple lines, SLDRAM promises RAM speed of up to 800 MHz and can operate at twice the system clock rate.
What is it?

10. This is moderately fast and inexpensive clock-synchronized RAM that is used for video memory.
What is it?

How many did you get right without peeking? Do you have a topic suggestion for a future quiz? Take the time to write and let us know.

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